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Can you name the Mortal Kombat 9 characters (including bosses and DLC)?

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Special moves include fireballs and a bicycle kick.
Shaolin monk that wears a 'sharp' hat.
Ninja with the power of cold.
Queen of the evil emperor.
Warrior creating with the fusing together of many souls.
Green warrior that spits acid.
Princess that uses razor fans as weapons.
Obnoxious movie star that will break your balls.
Princess's bodyguard, clad in green.
Princess's evil clone, fused with Tarkatan blood.
Native American shaman.
Robotic ninja that has an energy net and uses bombs.
Masked warrior clad entirely in black.
Where there's _____, there's fire.
Robotic ninja that uses missiles and flamethrowers.
Special Forces operative, the hot one.
Special Forces operative, the one with the cybernetic arms.
Sworn enemy of the Special Forces operatives, has a robotic eye.
He's a cop.
Evil sorcerer that collects souls and can assume any form he chooses.
Tarkatan warrior with blades in his arms.
He got burned to a crisp, now has to use a respirator permanently.
God of Thunder
The mortal that slayed the god of war.
Female Shokan warrior with four arms.
Sorcerer that orchestrated the events that played out in story mode.
Ninja with the power of cold, as a cyborg.
Female ninja with a taste for blood.
Blind swordsman.
Ninja named after a Prince song.
The star character in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.
Boss character with four arms.
Another four-armed boss character, tiger-striped.
The evil emperor; the main boss of the game.

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