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Who's the person listed third in the opening credits?
Who plays the role of...
In the first episode, Don Draper has a conversation with a black waiter about the brand of cigarettes he smokes. What brand did the waiter smoke?
Don however, smokes...
Don recieved what medal for his service in the Korean War?
What is the name of the ad agency that Don works for during the first three seasons?
Peggy Olson first comes to work at the agency as Don's...
Don's real name is...
Betty's occupation before marrying Don
Sexy redheaded office manager that has an affair with Roger Sterling
According to Paul Kinsey's idea for the Playtex campaign, every woman is either a Jackie (Kennedy) or a...
Peter Campbell returned a 'Chip 'n' Dip' he recieved as a wedding present. What did he buy with the store credit?
Bert Cooper is a big fan of this writer
Don's biological mother was a __________ that died during childbirth
This British agency purchases Don's ad agency.
Name of Lane Pryce's secretary (or 'right arm' as he prefers)
When he takes over as office manager, he is jokingly referred to around the office as...
Roger Sterling's daughter gets married the day after what political figure gets assassinated?
Lane Pryce's would-be replacement at the agency lost his foot because Lois Sadler ran over it with a...
Harry Crane's title at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
When he first met Roger Sterling, Don was working as a...
Former employee that tried to take a dump in Roger's office (He thought it was Don's office)
The real Don Draper's wife succumbs to cancer in season 4. But she was already stricken with this disease that left her with a permanent limp.
This comedian was the spokesman for Utz potato chips
This secretary of Don's dies at her desk

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