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Main character of the show
His canine best friend
His genius sister (straight red hair)
His other genius sister (wavy red hair)
His dad
His mom
City show is set
Archenemy of Johnny that is in love with one of the Test sisters.
That character's real name
Government agent that constantly seeks help from the Tests (white guy).
Other government agent that constantly seeks help from the Tests (black guy).
The government agents' boss.
Phrase Johnny shouts whenever he wants something from his sisters.
Phrase the sisters say when one of their experiments work.
Evil cat bent on destroying Johnny Test.
question answer
His English manservant.
Johnny's superhero alter-ego.
His canine sidekick.
Johnny's dad loves cooking...
Johnny's school
Johnny's sister's school
The government agent's headquarters.
Evil warlord that hails from Vegandon.
His favorite food.
Johnny's favorite action movie star.
Action News's premier news reporter.
Next door neighbor that the Test sisters are in love with.
Phrase someone utters when something unexpected happens.
Johnny's dog often wears a shirt when he goes out in public that reads...
The government agents have often dreamed of vacationing together in this spot.

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