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I live through words not metaphors, so I pass to be the rest of the freshmen, playful tough talk, often the fav. til' I came to park heart and said true things.
Cheese came through at three, salute at ease, he supplied the weed cus' I've been that OD'ed, it's me with a black rockstar steed, will rock tee's 300 a pop for these.
Yup, yup, you got it, right, now don't get left on your good foot, it's only right that you step and keep boppin' til' this sh*t unfamiliar.
She said to pack my bags dog, and never look back, this something that I have to do, a hero to save the world.
They don't really know what’s in my head f*ckin’ with me, how can I be better? I could start with just the basics: Dior, Dior, galore, I'm in the cut.
My heart thump, not from being nervous, sometimes I'm thinkin' god made me special here on purpose.
Double O representer, I come through, I pull the sun into a whole nother' dimension, Cudi be rippin' when they mention, I never really gave a f*ck about the b*tchin'.
Have you ever felt, something evil, lurking around? The moon is full, the streets are empty, shadows cover the town.
That's why I don't call, cause when I was starving you wasn't at all around, now I gotta shut sh*t down, be a man, pick friends, all selective now.
Now look at this, magnet to madness keeps attracting me, me. I try to run but see I'm not that fast, I think I'm first but surely finish last.
Oh, I rearrange faces when I drop, I'm super duper Cudi, candy paint the rag top, can't nobody even tell I'm sippin when I lean, they gimme to my fans, I'm country til' I decease.
Ain’t no question if I want it, I need it. I can feel it slowly drifting away from me, I’m on the edge so why you playing, I’m saying I will never ever let you live this down
This one's for Emile.
Have you ever seen the ending so nice? You feel so free like you're high as a kite, like how you feel if you drink some Bud-light, followed by Jag.
I try to think about myself as a sacrifice, just to show the kids they ain't the only ones who up at night, the moon will illuminate my room, and soon I'm consumed by my doom.
LyricsSong TitleAlbum / Year Released
Now you can check the whip appeal, damn this n*gga is ill, gear shiftin' is smooth as butta, cut in and out of lanes, undercover style, wow.
I be high then I be low, I be low then I be high, it's like a battle knife to a gun fight, but I be cool this the story of my life.
Stay home alot, no TV, just thoughts and a heap of good weed, same jeans, same old converse, bape tee's and the walees, so works.
Everything I'm having, no there ain't necessity, though I'm shining keep on grinding what you see ain't all of me, though I keep them hoe's, don't love them hoe's.
Hello, sweet summer cudder, ain't nobody rowdy, the cops won't hound me, the women of the women of the chucks I'm wearing, they slave to my artistry, can't stop staring.
Ex-juvenile delinquent Yes, relapse when I fought with Jemosen, I'm thinkin 'bout death like it's pussy in my mind and the vibe, and I'm feelin like life's so lame.
These dreams, struggles, riches and sin make me wonder, wonder, who I am.
Yeah, I'm here, super duper dooder-cud, all up in the mix like yeah, what! I stay blazed like brodies, even if I never said it you should prolly know this by now.
All the crazy sh*t I did tonight.
Get it right, baby, gotta let these n*ggas know, getting mine, baby, should go and get your own.
We all in together now, we all fear cops be buggin, shotguns on the whip, f*ck em, I will never sweat for a piggy, you catch me high it's all good no biggie
Every time I think about the first step I ever took alone, made me realize the prince was made for the throne, defeated the beast sword from stone, smoking so much weed I am better
Word, I can't feel the left side of my face, stressful thoughts have been replaced with Henney and Coke and Jager man.
So hard to cope it hurt, hurt my whole, my pride deep inside is fading slow, fall, fall asleep, my break runs at speeds i'm lost, lost in dreams and reality.
Birds seen flying around, you never see them too long on the ground, you wanna be one of them, yeah, you wanna be one of them.

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