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Can you name the bones of the human body?

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Bone in the throat below the mandible where the tongue attaches (jimmy jangle)
Largest bone in the body
Collar bone that attaches to the scapula and the sternum
Ribs 8-9 that attach indirectly to the sternum
3-5 fused vertebrae that form the tailbone
How many bones make up the skull
Small paired bones superior to the nasal opening and between the orbits
Upper arm bone
Bones of the fingers (14)
Breast bone where ribs and clavicle attach
Ribs 1-7 that attach directly to the sternum and have their own cartilage
Teeth located before the molars used for some chewing
How many ribs does an adult human have
Bones of the toes (14)
Shin bone (on the kicking side of the leg)
Biting teeth
Bones known as the hip bones within the pelvic girdle
Forearm bone on the little finger side of the arm
Bones of the midline of the body (skull, chest, spine)
How many bones are in a foot
Paired bones that make up the face and house half of the teeth
Chewing teeth
Large butterfly or bat-shaped single bone where the pituitary sits
Forearm bone on the thumb side of the arm (rad thumb radiates out)
Bones that form the joints of the wrist (8)
Knee cap bone
Paired 'cheekbones'
7 vertebrae below the skull
Bones of the appendages (limbs)
How many vertebrae make up the spine
How many teeth does an adult human have
Front teeth used to grab
How many bones are in the hand
4-6 fused vertebrae that form part of the pelvis
Bones that form the fleshy part of the hand (5)
'Forehead' bone whose lower margins make up the eye sockets
Midline bone at the back of the skull that contains the foramen magnum for passage of the spinal cord
12 vertebrae that attach to the ribs
Lower jaw bone that houses half the teeth
Shoulder blade bone that has the socket for the shoulder joint
5 vertebrae of lower back
Bones that form the ankle joint (7)
Paired bones that make up the 'walls' of the skull
'Ear hole' pair of bones on the sides of the skull
What is the adult human dental formula
Thin bone in calf muscles
Thigh bone
Ribs 10-12 that do not attach to the sternum
Bones in the fleshy part of the foot (5)

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