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I filled in for Roethlisberger to start the 2010 season.
I hold the record for rushing yards in a Career.
I hold most of the WR records.
I was Peyton Manning's favorite WR.
I was a MVP Candidate on the Eagles in 2010.
I was a 6th round pick but today, I am one of the best QB in history.
I led my team to a AFC Conference game as a rookie.
I been on 3 teams in 2010.
After a Long Career, becoming a record leader in yards in a career, I retired following the 2010 season.
I hold the record for most rushing yards in a season.
I filled in for Matt Hasselbeck in week 17 to make the playoffs.
I was traded to the Redskins by the Eagles.
I started the year off with the redskins as a 2nd string but made my way to a first string QB.
I was one of the best QB's in history without a super bowl ring.
I hold the record for most TD's in a season.
In the 2010 season, I was signed by the patriots.I am a HB and start in New England.
I was coached by Mike Singletary and am one of he best LB in the NFL today.
I was traded to the Cheifs from the Patriots. After being a back-up QB for Tom Brady, I start for the Chiefs.
After a long career with the Eagles, I was a free agent but then picked up as a back-up for for the 49ers.
After being a back-up for Fred Taylor, I started for a few years and made my way to one of the best HB's in the NFL.
After being a back-up HB for Thomas Jones, I went to the Seahawks to be one of 3 good HB's.
In the 2010 play-offs, I made one of the greatest rushes in play-off history.
After a career being one of the greatest defensive line-man, I discuss football on the NFL network.
Being a undrafted NFL player, I started my career in the CFL but then went to the NFL and made myself into one of the best QB's in NFL history.
In the draft for the 2010 season, I was selected 2nd and had one of the best rookie seasons in history.

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