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The aorta with some associated terms and definitions

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Aorta and TermsBrief Definition
thoracic aorta
abdominal aorta
aortic bifurcation
ascending aorta
aortic valve
aortic sinuses
left posterior aortic sinus
anterior aortic sinus
crux cordis
sinuses of Valsalva
pericardial sheath
pulmonary trunk
aortic arch
3 aortic arch branches
brachiocephalic trunk
Aorta and TermsBrief Definition
descending aorta
ligamentum arteriosum
celiac trunk
left gastric artery
common hepatic artery
splenic artery
superior mesenteric artery
inferior mesenteric artery
common carotid arteries
right subclavian artery
left subclavian artery
intercostal arteries
common iliac arteries
phrenic arteries
coronary arteries
renal arteries
vertebral arteries
femoral artery

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