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Can you name the american wrestlers featured on the game Fire Pro Wrestling Returns?

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FPR NameReal Name
R.J. Faze
Kein Harock
Sam Pop
Bone Cry
Tom Chuck
The Kongman
Violent Jason
Kerry Texan
Undead Gladiator
Iron Gladiator
Kerry Boggy
Andy Spirals
Commander Powers
Raven Gush
Crazy Rose
Steel James
The Spike
Smasher Gigas
Bill Bullet
The Bemstar
Zan Radish
FPR NameReal Name
Mark Gordon
Gin Storm
Marvel Rondo
4 Rough Dolly
The III Rombard
Kalvin Jordan
Hank Forest
Sgt. Smith
Puma Glory
The Genocide
Bullhorn Lewis
Harry Texan Jr.
Star Bison
Big G. Bull
G.O. Bright
Gigant Borgart
Sam Beast
Batu Cannon
B.O. Crown
Flash Burton
Curry Mask
Jorsh Hornet
British Azteca

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