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Version of Minecraft that added witches, the wither, carrots, potatos, and more (also known as the 'pretty scary update')Hard
The achievement for killing a ghast with their own fireball is called _________.Medium
In a typical village, you can find items in the ______'s chest.Medium
Minecraft was created by _______, but was later taken over by _______.Easy
This ore can only be found under extreme hills (mountain) biomes. Easy
This block has the highest blast resistance in Minecraft.Very Easy
This mob takes no fall damage (not a chicken)Hard
In older versions of Minecraft (beta and alpha), bows fired _________. Medium
Blaze spawners can only be found in a ________. Easy
To craft 2 leads, you need 4 string, and 1 _______. Easy
Name an item that can be found in witch huts. Easy
The sounds made by ghasts are actually recordings of a ________.Very Hard
Adding a fermented spider eye to a night vision potion will make a potion of ________.Medium
Large underground lava pools commonly spawn at y = ____.Medium
Cave spiders can only be found in __________.Easy
Small hostile mobs that can only be found in strongholds or under Extreme hills biomes. Medium
Name an item that stacks in 16's. Very Easy
If a skeleton kills a creeper, it will drop a __________. Medium
The setting that controls how far you can see. Plays a major factor in reducing lag.Easy
Endermen will not attack you if you look at them through a _______. Medium
Currently, how many blocks deep does still water have to be in order to prevent all fall damage (write word)?Easy
If you find yourself unable to even begin to break most blocks, you are most likely in ___________. Medium
Name a mob that is effected by lightning in a unique way. Medium
The maximum distance that a player can jump without the use of potions. Easy
True or false: In vanilla Minecraft, mob spawners can be obtained using a silk touch pickaxe. (Please don't cheat if you get this one wrong)Medium

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