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Can you name the planets featured in Doctor Who by their description?

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DescriptionPlanetFirst Story Mentioned
A planet colonised by humanity by the year 5 billion and 23. One city is New New York, which has a hospital that can cure any disease.
A gas giant in our solar system. The Le Verrier Space Station orbited this planet before it was attacked by the Sandmen.
A planet originally meant to be the final resting place of the Doctor. One settlement is the village of Christmas, which housed the last crack in space-time.
A dry, sandy planet riddled with caves. The Fifth Doctor regenerated just after leaving here.
The home of the Abzorbaloff, it is the twin planet to the Slitheen homeworld.
Our home planet, and the one featured most frequently in Doctor Who. Home to the Humans, Silurians and Sea Devils.
An icy planet in the Horsehead Nebula, it is the homeworld of a tentacled race that were enslaved as servants by humans.
A planet almost free of evil, the Master sought to become its keeper to prolong his life. He was defeated, and instead took the body of a native.
Home planet of a highly intelligent warrior race with scaly skin.
A planet of mathematicians, vital to keeping the world from falling apart. The Fourth Doctor regenerated here.
The original home planet of the Cybermen and twin to our own. It drained our planet's energy to supplement its own.
A medieval planet that applied to become part of the galctic federation. Native fauna include the Aggedors, beasts which hold royal meaning to the native race.
The home planet of the Kaleds and the Thals. The Daleks were also created here. Its most recent iteration was rebuilt from scratch.
A planet where the dogs have no noses.
DescriptionPlanetFirst Story Mentioned
The home planet of the Time Lords. Notable inhabitants include Omega, Rassilon, the Master, the Rani, Romana and, of course, the Doctor.
Home world of the Kinda, it is a tropical jungle planet. It was threatened by a snake-like being called the Mara.
Home planet of the Cryons before being invaded by the Cybermen. It is the resting place of the last of the Cybermen.
Home planet of a race of intelligent, jackal-headed aliens who inspired Egyptian myth. Famous natives include Horus and Sutekh.
Home planet of a race of creatures that directly inspired myths of horned demons on Earth, including Azal.
A planet ruled by the Mentor Sil, it is one of the few sources of the mineral Zeiton-7.
The most conquered planet in the galaxy, its anthem is 'Glory to insert name here'.
A planet in our solar system and home of the ice warriors and the flood.
The home planet of a sisterhood that guard the sacred flame. This is used to distill the Elixir of Life, which can aid a Time Lord in their regeneration.
Home planet of the Zarbi and the Menoptera. It was originally a flower-covered planet before it was invaded by Animus.
The home planet of the Slitheen crime family and the Blathereen family. Its natives react very badly to acetic acid, found in vinegar.
The planet where the Doctor first met River Song. It was under threat from and infestation of Vashta Nerada. Song
A barren planet drained of energy by its intelligent city. It is rich in parrinium, an element used by Humans and Daleks to cure a space plague.
A planet orbiting a black hole. It was built as a prison for the Beast before time.

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