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Charmed Character Profile: Prue Halliwell

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HintAnswerFun Facts
Full Name?
Astrological Sign?
Descendant Of?
Past Life?
Eldest Sister Of?
1st Power?
2nd Power?
Fears?She Conquered the fear of Drowning in S1 E13
Had a Rough Relationship With?Both Relationships Were Repaired Before She Died
Was Engaged To?
Was Briefly Married To?Warlock from S3 E13
Number of Romantic Relationships Shown or Mentioned?Andy Trudeau, Eric, Alan, Roger, Jack Sheridan, Bane Jessup, Brendan Rowe, Tom Peters, Alan Stanton, Dick, Micah/Mitch, Sean, Justin Harper, & T.J.
HintAnswerFun Facts
True Love Was?
1st Job?
2nd Job?
3rd Job?
Number of Episodes Appeared In?Includes the Unaired Pilot
Number of Magical Transformations?Darklighter, Spirit, Future Self, Man, Teenage Self, Empath, Warlock, & a Dog
Number of Spells Written?Good Luck Spell, To See the Unseen, To Relinquish an Empath's Power, To Summon Belthazor, To Expel a Life Essence, Eames Vanquishing Spell, To Summon the Angel of Death Spell, & Animal Conjuring Spell
Number of Times She Lost Her Powers?S1 E10, S1 E17, S2 E6, S2 E17, S2 E22, S3 E4, & S3 E7
Number of Times She Died but Was Revived?S1 E20 & S2 E22
Died On?
What Episode?
Killed By Whom?
Portrayed By?

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