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Charmed Character Profile: Piper Halliwell

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HintAnswerFun Facts
Astrological Sign?
Descendant Of?
Past Life?
Past Life Was Married To?
Younger Sister Of?
Older Sister Of?
1st Power?
2nd Power?
Dated the Warlock?
Married To?
Number of Romantic Relationships Shown or Mentioned?Leo Wyatt, Jeremy Burns, Dan Gordon, Billy Wilson, Barry, Joe, Tim, Greg, Mark Chao, Jack Manford, Josh, Rob, Seth, Brett, Ryan, & David Right
HintAnswerFun Facts
1st Job?
2nd Job?
3rd Job?Owner
4th Job?Owner (As Mentioned in S8 E22)
Number of Episodes Appeared In?Includes the Unaired Pilot
Number of Magical Transformations?Wendigo, Whitelighter, Spirit, '50s Housewife, Goddess of Earth, Fury, Valkyrie, Superhero, Leo, Angel of Death, Shakti, Red Riding Hood, Zen Master, Warlock, & her Future Self
Number of Spells Written?Eames Vanquishing Spell, To Call a Lost Sister, To Find a Muse, To Make a Muse Invisible, To Summon the Spirit of Angela Provazolli, To Vanquish Kurzon, Fearless Spell, To Drive Isis' Soul Out of a Body, Remove Phoebe's Powers Spell, To Restore Phoebe's Powers Spell, Reverse Vanishing Spell, Spell to Locate the Demonic Market, Spell to Return from the Demonic Market, Memory Spell, Transmutation Spell, Seduction Spell, To Vanquish the Headless Horseman, To Cause Happiness, Imara Vanquishing Spell
 To Call Future Wyatt, To Send Future Wyatt Back, To Turn Someone into an Animal, & To Hide Someone from the Angel of Death
Number of Times She Lost Her Powers?S1 E10, S1 E17, S2 E6, S2 E17, S3 E4, S3 E7, S4 E6, S4 E7, S4 E13, S5 E8, S5 E15, S6 E4, S6 E6, S6 E11, S6 E16, S7 E11, & S7 E22
Number of Times She Died but Was RevivedS1 E22, S2 E12, S3 E9, S3 E22, S4 E17, S6 E15, S7 E5, S7 E7, & S7 E16
1st Child?
2nd Child?
3rd Child?
Portrayed By?

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