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Charmed Character Profile: Phoebe Halliwell

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HintAnswerFun Facts
Astrological Sign?
Born Where?
Descendant Of?
Past Life?
Past Life Fell in Love with a Warlock Named?
Younger Sister Of?
Older Sister Of?
1st Power?
2nd Power?
3rd Power?
Had a Rough Relationship With?Relationship Was Repaired
1st Husband?
2nd Husband?Didn't Last Long
3rd Husband?
HintAnswerFun Facts
Number of Romantic Relationships Shown or Mentioned?Cole Turner, Leslie St. Claire, Drake de Mon, Coop, Cupid, Clay Muniz, Jimmy, Hans Fein, Owen Grant, Billy Appleby, Miles, Jason Dean, & Dex Lawson (Doesn't Include the List of Guys Cupid Mentions in S2 E10)
1st Job?Psychic
2nd Job?Prue's Assistant
3rd Job?Secretary
4th Job?Advice Columnist
How Many Times Does She Go Back to College?
Title of Phoebe's New York Best Seller?(As Mentioned in S8 E22)
Number of Episodes Appeared In?Not Including the Unaired Pilot
Number of Magical Transformations?Spirit, Future Self, Past Self, Valkyrie, Goddess of Love, Imara, '50s Housewife, Genie, Teenage Self, Superhero, Cinderella, Pumpkin, Mummy, Mermaid, Banshee, Warlock, & Paige
Number of Spells Written?Too Many to List them All. You can find them here:
Number of Times She Lost Her Powers?S1 E10, S1 E17, S2 E6, S2 E17, S3 E4, S3 E7, S4 E6, S5 E8, S5 E11, S5 E15, S6 E4, S6 E6, S6 E 11, S6 E19, S7 E11, & S7 E22
Number of Time She Died but Was Revived?S1 E22, S2 E2, S5 E8, S6 E8, S6 E15, S7 E7, S7 E19, S8 E21
Child That She Was Going to Have With Cole Was A?Was Taken by the Seer
1st Child?
2nd Child?
3rd Child?
1st Portrayed By?Unaired Pilot
Portrayed By?Seasons 1-8

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