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Charmed Character Profile: Paige Matthews

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HintAnswerFun Facts
Astrological Sign?
Descendent Of?
Adoptive Parents?First Names Were Never Mentioned
Past Life?
Younger Sister Of?
1st Power?
2nd Power?
3rd Power?
Married To?
Number of Romantic Relationships Shown or Mentioned?Henry Mitchell, Vincent, Philip Lewicky, Dave, Trevor, Glen Belland, Kyle Brody, Vincent Right, Vincent Wrong, Mason Cowan, Shane, Nate Parks, & Richard Montana
HintAnswerFun Facts
1st Job?
2nd Job?Some of them shown/mentioned were Dog Walker, Fruit Packer, Secretary, Magic Performer Assistant, & Caretaker for the Elderly
3rd Job?
4th Job?
Number of Episodes Appeared In?
Number of Magical Transformations?Phoebe, Teenage Self, Vampire, Snow White, Superhero, Nymph, Statue, Goddess of War, Valkyrie, Future Self, Spirit,
Number of Spells Written?There are too many to list.
Number of Times She Lost Her Powers?S4 E13, S5 E8, S5 E12, S5 E15, S6 E4, S6 E6, S6 E11, & S7 E8
Number of Times She Died But Was Revived?S5 E3, S5 E7, S5 E8, S5 E12, S6 E7, S6 E8, S6 E17, S7 E5, & S8 E21
1st Child?
2nd Child?
3rd Child?Adopted
Portrayed By?

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