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Charmed Character Profile: Leo Wyatt

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HintAnswerFun Facts
War He Fought and Died In?
Job Before His Death During the War?
1st Wife?
2nd Wife?
1st Child?
2nd Child?
3rd Child?
Whitelighter To?
When He 1st Met Prue, Piper, & Phoebe, He Disguised Himself as a?
HintAnswerFun Facts
Who 1st Found Out That He Was a Whitelighter?
What Did He Become After the Titans Attacked?
What Did He Become During Season 7?
1st Power?
2nd Power?
3rd Power?
Number of Magical Transformations?Elder, Avatar, Mortal, Shiva, Piper, Stick in the Mud, Animal, & Witch
Number of Times He Died But Was Revived?WWII (Was Never Shown), S3 E13, & S7 E13
Number of Episodes He Appeared In?
Portrayed By?

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