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Can you name the Axis Powers and their Allies?

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LeaderCountryOther Notes
Adolf HitlerNazis
Hideki TojoAttacked Pearl Harbor
Benito Mussolini3rd Wheel among Axis
Philippe PétainCollaborated with Nazis
Ion AntonescuHeld Important Oil Fields
Tsar Boris IIINever Declared War on Russians
Miklós HorthyFought Surprisingly Well against Soviets
Ante PavelićUstaše
Giuliano GoziCountry inside Italy
Rashid AliCoup from the British was supported by Axis
LeaderCountryOther Notes
Risto RytiFought for Both Allies and Axis
PhibunsongkhramAlly of Japan Declared War on U.S. and U.K.
Josef TisoMade Independent from Czechoslovakia
Adolf HitlerNon-Independent after Anschluss
Vidkun QuislingNever had Autonomy from Nazis
Francisco FrancoNever Technically Axis but Sent Volunteers
Erik ScaveniusPuppet State of Axis, Sent Troops to Eastern Front
Draža MihailovićTechnically Ally, but Collaborated with Axis
Sekula Drljević Italian Puppet State

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