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a pipe or channel
to be excessively or foolishly fond
inclined to find fault, complaining
an indirect suggestion
any very showy display or effort
showing or provoking derision, ridiculing
one who roams and engages in raiding and pillaging
to attack physically and violently, to attack with arguments
brief or terse in speech or expection, using few words
a falling short of what is expected or required
to translate into ordinary, understandable language
an inexperienced person, a young bird just matured for flight
a lack or shortage, the amount by which a sum of money falls short of what required amount
to preserve from extinction, cause to continue or be remembered
having a hiddin or mysterious meaning
anything that nourishes, food, nutrients
an expression of mocking contenpt
very relious, earnest, sincere
money, food, clothing, etc
to intimidate with harsh, stern looks and talk, bully
misery, frugal, stingy, characterized by being over-careful
any newcomer, novice or beginner
to prepare and use land for growing crops
disrespect, an act or statement showing disrespect
goods, territory, etc. taken by force in war or robbery

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