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Can you answer these OBL trivia questions?

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Who is the only person in OBL history to play for two teams in one game?
Who scored the only half court game winning shot in OBL history?
Who played in the most games in season one?
Who had the most shots in season one at 198?
What is the only other team to play at the apartments besides Seth's?
What is the earliest time an OBL game has taken place?
What two captains were in the highest scoring game at 63 to 62?
What player has the longest winning streak in the OBL with 11 games in a row?
What is the OBL's birthday?
Who is the player that has been traded the most?
Who really cost Jack's team a playoff game in season 2
Who is the only player to be cut at the draft?
Who is the first person to be thrown out of an OBL game?
What are the names of the two divisions in season 2?
Name a first overall pick in the OBL?
Who were the captains in the first ever OBL game?
What was the original name of the OBL?
Who got a goal tending penalty in the season 2 championship series?
Name a player who was injured at an OBL?
How many points total was the lowest scoring match up in OBL history?
Who spent the most time in the box during their own team's game?
What team won the first ever OBL night game?
Where is the OBL draft usually held?
What is the date of the season 3 draft?
What jerseys did Kyle's team wear during season 1?

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