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Enigmatic Jedi Watchman, Tchuukthai Jedi Master
Jedi Master trained on Ambria, wife of Andur Sunrider
KIlled his brother Cal on Ossus
Sith who propagated the rule of two
Jedi Grand Master in the cold war era
Ex-Leader of Havoc Squad and Supreme Commander of the Republic
SIS agent who destroyed the Ascendant Spear
Jedi Hero of the Mandalorian Wars turned Sith Lord turned Jedi
Rodian overseer of the GenoHaradan
Republic pilot of the Ebon Hawk
Force Sensitive former Sith Assassin
Force sensitive Nar Shaddaa bounty hunter
Iridonian technician, creator of the mass gravity generator
Homicidal assassin droid built by Revan
Jedi Master who documented much of the Jedi order's history in a Journal
The original Emperor's Wrath
Born Teneb Kel, Dark Council member
Mandalorian who helped Revan find Mandalore's mask on Rekkiad
Exiled from the Jedi by fighting in the Mandalorian wars
Admiral who led the attack on the Star Forge
Jedi Master who led the Jedi attack on the star forge
Dashade in the service of Tulak Hord
Jedi Lord who led the forces of the army of light
Gamorrean New Republic pilot
Wraith Squadron mechanic and demolitions expert
Mandalorian who laid siege to the Jedi Temple on the orders of Natasi Daala
Jedi who had the power of battle meditation
Gray Jedi who lived in the shadowlands of Kashyyyk
Rogue Squadron pilot who became a Jedi Master
Hysalrian Jedi Master who according to legend trained Yoda
Blind leader of the Hidden Beks
Mandalorian mercenary who participated in the sacking of Coruscant
Jedi Master struck down by Malgus in the Jedi Temple
Helped Satele Shan and Jace Malcolm to escape Korriban when the Sith arrived
Director of Republic SIS during the cold war and galactic civil war

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