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Can you name the movie based on a description using characters from other movies played by the same actor?

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Plot DescriptionMovie
Lt. Vincent Hanna takes over the family business from Jor-El.
Hartigan drops Snape out of a very, very tall building.
Leigh Anne Tuohy discovers her feminine side with some help from Alfred.
John Nash fails to entertain Johnny Cash.
Cameron Poe and Jim Phelps try to beat Alec Trevelyan to hidden gold.
Rocky Balboa and Snake Plissken form an unlikely crimefighting duo.
Penny Lane is trying to get Dirk Pitt to end their relationship ASAP.
Daniel Cleaver falls for movie star Tess Ocean, eventually professing his love at a press conference.
Santa and Ellen Ripley are accidentally drawn into an interstellar conflict.
Charlie Wilson fights Viet Cong, plays ping pong, and runs great distances to impress Buttercup.
William Wallace is just young enough to beat the crap out of Commander Krill in George Knox's front yard.
Ethan Hunt and Satine engage in, observe, and otherwise obsess over lots of kinky, kinky sex.
Plot DescriptionMovie
Jack Dawson and Will Hunting both get shot in the face.
Mrs. Doubtfire really inspires Jake Hoyt and really pisses off Clarence Boddicker.
Michael Clayton and Mr. White kill a whole slew of vampires and/or strippers.
Vincent Vega's chills are multiplied by Kira after a successful race.
Harry Callahan meticulously cares for his lawn.
Agent Kay tracks a wrongly accused man, this time Willie Mays Hayes.
Jefferson Smith learns that suicide is not the answer.
Bruce Wayne irks Mac Sledge by very musically organizing a strike.
Kirk Lazarus thwarts The Dude's plans to sell arms under the table to America's enemies.
Happy Gilmore goes back to school to prove to his dad that he's not a fool.
Qui-Gon Jinn breaks up an Albanian human trafficking business.
Mary, Lucy Whitmore, and O-Ren Ishii battle evildoers.

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