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Can you name the name the Haikyuu!! characters?

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Hyper Protagonist
Fallen King
Bitter Blocker
Grew a Backbone
Guardian Deity
Tries to intimidate
Team Mum
Team Dad
Not a delinquent (Honest!)
'Ungrateful Second Year' - Advisor
'Ungrateful Second Year' - Shaved Head
'Ungratful Second Year' - Shorter
Cats' Brain
Cat Captain
Half-Russian Cat
Cats' Vice Captain
Cat Libero (First Year)
Cat Libero (Third Year)
Cat with a Mohawk
Silent Manekineko
Cat and Dog
Trash King
Trash Keeper
A 'Rabid Dog'
Lectured 'Mad Dog'
Buzzcut Libero
'Turnip Head'
Curtains Hair (Seijou)
The Iron Wall
Datekou Libero
Owl Captain
Owls' Vice Captain
Shiratorizawa's Ace
Shiratorizawa Setter (White Hair)
Triangle Brows
Expert Guess Blocker
Shitorizawa Bowlcut
Shitorizawa Setter (Brown Hair)
Karasuno's Coach
Karasuno's Former Coach
Faculty Advisor
Karasuno's Lady Manager
Karasuno's First Year Manager
Karasuno Legend
Female Volleyball Captain
The Nekomata
Johzenji Captain
Johzenji Manager (Found her Voice)
Middle School Basketball Player and Friend
Kid Sister
Cool Big Sis
Once Idolised Big Bro
Float Serve Master
Takinoue Electronics

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