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Can you name the Gimme Gimme Gimme Characters?

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Played ByCharacterEpisode
Kathy BurkeRegular
James DreyfusRegular
Brian Bovell Regular
Beth GoddardRegular
Rosalind KnightRegular
Doña CrollRecurrent
Elaine Lordan Recurrent
Zita SattarWho's That Boy
Darren TigheBig Break
Morgan JonesLegs & Co.
Adrian BowerLegs & Co.
Dale WintonDo They Take Sugar?
Maria McErlaneDo They Take Sugar?
Charlie CondouSaturday Night Diva
Mel GiedroycSaturday Night Diva
Sue PerkinsSaturday Night Diva
Richard CantI Do, I Do, I Do
William HopeI Do, I Do, I Do
Sophie StantonI Do, I Do, I Do
Ronan VibertI Do, I Do, I Do
Simon ShepherdMillennium Special / Down & Out
Played ByCharacterEpisode
Melinda MessengerMillennium Special
Rowland RivronMillennium Special
Mark BentonStiff
Christopher SimonStiff
Phil DanielsPrison Visitor
Anna KeavneyDirty 30
Andrew RobertsonDirty 30
Moya BradyGlad to Be Gay?
David SchneiderGlad to Be Gay?
Tanveer GhaniSofa Man
Rose KeeganSofa Man
Andrew WoodallSofa Man
Ann MitchellDown and Out
Akemi OtaniLollipop Man
Vilma HollingberyLollipop Man
Mark MoneroSecrets and Flies
Andrew CloverTrauma
Jonathan HarveySinging in the Drain
Su PollardSinging in the Drain
Patsy PalmerTeacher's Pet

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