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What is Temperature?
True or False?it's easier to pull atoms apart than to squish them together.
True or False? Thermal expansion coefficiens vary with temperature.
Form of heat transfer through direct contact.
Form of heat transfer by simply mixing hot and cold material.
Form of heat transfer due to electromagnetic radiation.
Macroscopic or Microscopic level? Atoms moving around.
Why do snowflakes form?
Process in which pressure and volume change but temperature is constant.
Process in which there is constant volume, but has changes in pressure that would be a straight line up or down.
True or false? Symmetry in a physical law means that law is unchanged when you alter it in some way.
True or false? In an ideal gas, you assume that there are infinite interactions among the atoms.
True or false? Only gas expands with equal pressure on the walls.
R constant used in ideal gas law when units are joules, mole, and kelvin.
What is the fundamental assumption that statistical physics relies on?
What does thermal expansion depend on?
What does volume expanision depend on?
Measure how much heat you must add to a given number of moles if you want to raise temperature by delta T
Measure of how much heat you must add to a given mass of material m if you want to raise temperature by amount delta T
Cmolar for a diatmoic molecule

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