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A spy named Duchess
Living in the Danger Zone
That's how you get ants.
Long, rambling story
Legen-wait for it-dary!
Why did your voice change?
Random cutaways
Fighting the Giant Chicken
Damn you, vile woman!
Team of good guy mercs
Shooting, but no one gets hit
I pity the fool!
Not a bumblebee
Coffee jingles are metal
The clown does cocaine.
Madman with a box
It's bigger on the inside
A lot of running
Snarky family
Run the Gold and Silver shop
And bicker. A LOT.
King of the Nerd Herd
The Intersect's in his brain
*FLASH* 'I know kung fu.'
Colorful equines
Learning lessons of friendship
Adult men love it
Haiku Show
Dynamic Duo
Fighting hammy criminals
Out there in the Black
A crew of big damn heroes
Aim to misbehave
A team of experts
Testing out urban legends
Explosions are fun!
Everyone's dead, Dave
Three million years from Earth
Still, you've got to laugh.
Good news, everyone!
Man of yesterday works with
Cyclops and robot
Cars, trucks and aircraft
Battle for their world and ours
Until all are one
Water, Earth, Fire, Air
One can weild them all to bring
Balance to the world
Government agents
Snag, bag and tag artifacts
The bad guys get bronzed
Team of a genius,
Dynamic go-getter and
A man from Ireland

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