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Fred Jones, Megatron, Nibbler
Spike Spiegel, Wolverine, Amon
Timmy Turner, Sari Sumdac, Twilight Sparkle
Desmond Miles, Nathan Drake, Deadpool
Optimus Prime, Megatron, Clank
Susie Carmichael, Elmyra Duff, Max Gibson
The Joker, Firelord Ozai, Mr. Salacia
Haruko Harhara, Celty Sturluson, Emma Frost
Coach McGuirk, Sterling Archer, Bob Belcher
Bender, Marcus Fenix, Jake
Mr. Krabs, Lex Luthor, Silas
Princess Morbucks, Sheena Fujibayashi, Commander Shepard
Asaji Ventress, Daphne Blake, Azula
Joe Swanson, Kronk, Brock Samson
Hermes Conrad, John Stewart, Jack
Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi
Naomi Misora, Danielle Moonstar, Princess Luna
Captain Gantu, Jolee Bindo, Bulkhead
Mary Test, Applejack, Blythe Baxter
Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime
Raphael, Yakko Warner, Arthur
Doug Funnie, Stimpy, Dr. John Zoidberg
Aku, Iroh, Splinter
Ma-Ti, Lloyd Irving, Robin
Kahn Souphanousinphone Jr., Dana Tan, Amy Wong
Waspinator, Koga, Chief Thunderhooves
Jushiro Ukitake, Gaara, Nightcrawler
AndrAIa, X-23, Pinkie Pie
Leonardo, Liquid Snake, Kratos Aurion
Darkwing Duck, Tigger, Pete
Ed Wuncler, Carl Fredrickson, Granny Goodness
Ed Bighead, Snively, The Red Guy
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