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Suits is largely filmed in which city?
Who plays the role of Mike Ross?
How many episodes are in season 1?
Who did Harvey used to work with?
Who was suspended as a result of Jimmy's (associate) actions?
What is the name of Nigel Nesbitt's cat?
What is the name of Harvey's chaffeur?
'Don't play the odds, play the man' is said by who?
Rick Hoffman plays who?
Harvey Specter is played by who?
What is Louis' catchphrase?
What rating does Suits get on IMDB?
Who is the best closer in New York?
Which law school do you have to attend in order to work at Pearson Specter?
Jessica Pearson was married to who?
How old was Harvey when he caught his mum cheating on his father?
Who made Louis senior partner?
Why does Trevor visit Jesscia in season 2?
What is the name of the Suits title song?
In season 2 episode 8 - 'Rewind'- how many years doe the flashback go?
After leaving Pearson Hardman, Harold Gunderson joins which law firm?
When studying at Harvard, where do students traditionally buy square pizza?
Which character says 'I refuse to answer that on the grounds I don't want to'?
In what year was Harvey Specter born?
In season 4, what is the name of Mike's secretary?
What are the names of Mike Ross' deceased parents?
Who does Harvey have a soft spot for? They have known each other since Harvard.
Mike Ross' grammy dies in which series?
Rachel Zane is played by?
Who did Rachel have an affair with?
What is Harvey Specter's middle name?
How much do senior partners have to put forward as an initial fee?
What is Harvey's father called?
What is Louis Litt's true love called?
Donna and Harvey's pre-trial ritual requires what?
Which sports star does Harvey have on speed dial?
In season 2 episode 8 Harvey sees Daniel Hardman sleeping with who?
Who was Mike's best friend?
When Rachel finally passes the LSATs, what score did she get?
What is Louis' secretary called?
Daniel Hardman's wife Alicia died of what?
In what year did Suits first air?
Gina Torres plays which character?
Who is Rachel Zane's father?
Edward Darby wanted to save who at all costs?
Mike Ross leaves Pearson Specter to become what?
Which Actress plays the character of Donna Paulsen?
What prank did Harvey do to Louis and blame on his cat?
Which 2 characters enjoying 'mudding'?
What was Harvey's batting average in high school?

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