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to get over, cross
to promise
to send
to satisfy
to cook
to fill
to advise
to find
to deny
to kill
to annoy
to kiss
to doubt
to reject
to try hard to
to bring back
to dream
to guess
to foresee
to calm down
to slow down
to accommodate
to lend
to regret
to kneel
to fall
to treat
to fix
to throw
to add
to sit
to judge
to hope
to assure
to fool / trick
to reflect
to smile
to mingle
to express
to sing
to expect / wait
to convince
to get used to
to be enough
to load
to break
to astonish
to undo
to surpass / overtake
to discuss
to give back
to overcome
to worry / bother
to watch over
to change one’s mind
to dress
to enjoy
to struggle
to make fun of
to happen to
to deal with
to give up
to wish
to thank (for)
to be about
to bother
to notice
to realize
to praise
to push
to deserve (to)
to replace
to close
to inform
to cancel
to entrust
to pretend
to escape
to describe
to touch
to light up / clarify
to grow
to meet (up with)
to complain
to push away
to repeat / say again
to cut
to lead (to)
to grasp
to argue
to fail
to succeed
to bring / carry (something)
to slaughter
to lie
to submit
to attract
to bet
to tempt
to pick up/collect
to feed
to achieve/reach
to disgust
to become
to move
to chase
to welcome
to spoil / ruin
to hit
to remain
to manage
to get married
to hurry
to look like
to solve
to boast / brag
to share
to mourn/cry
to rest
to meet
to surprise
to be about to
to miss
to behave
to listen
to draw
to burn
to knock down
to remember
to provide
to prevent
to undergo
to rescue
to beware of
to risk
to tell
to chat
to be worth
to have lunch
to jump
to mess up
to wake up
to anger
to fight
to reduce
to amaze
to congratulate
to hug
to dare
to reassure
to get rid of
to bore
to notice
to swear
to greet
to borrow
to sin
to fear
to hold back (oneself)
to travel
to cry
to hesitate
to stay
to send
to complete / finish off
to redo
to prove
to ask for/demand
to erase
to get angry
to lock up
to elect
to joke
to risk
to keep
to put to sleep
to hurt
to confuse
to count
to deliver
to lose
to worry
to put back
to improve
to hate
to involve (oneself)
to believe
to relax
to see again
to break
to live (somewhere)
to tire
to remove/take off
to turn on
to increase
to try
to bring (someone)
to betray
to hide
to gloat
to pray
to entertain
to worsen
to dread
to clothe
to spot / locate
to walk
to surround
to waste
to pursue
to beg
to obey
to roam
to test / feel
to blame
to shake
to bring life to
to disappoint
to leave
to belong
to spend
to experience
to deceive
to cough
to decrease
to remind (of)
to have dinner
to quiet
to look for
to defeat
to suggest
to supposed to
to support
to teach
to disappear
to mean
to forget
to follow
to appear
to set free, loose
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