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What caused many small farmers to sell their lands and move to cities?
Many small farmers came to the city but with no money, they had to live in these slums of flimsy shacks called...
What form of government did African Nations use to end foriegn influence as well as inequalities between rich and poor?
Name some of the problems China had as their economy grew.
What sort of economy did the Indian government adopt?
Why was it difficult for Latin America to achieve democracy?
Because they are poor, developing countries rely on who for investments?
How did the governments try to increase earnings to fund their developements?
What was the reason the U.S. helped during the Cold War?
What country had the highest population and what law did they use to control it?
What are giant commercial farms?
What was the central goal in Africa, Asia, and Latin America?
What did overgrazing and farming lead to?
What was an economic developement that aimed to provide lasting well being for future generations?
What type of government does China have?
What was created to promote democracy, economic cooporation, and human rights?
What did Dengs program The 4 Modernizations emphasize?
Why did developing nations have a hard time developing before Europe introduced Market Economies?
Name some area that were developing after WW2.
American president who opened the door to China

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