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Lay people in Holland who lived in simplicity while preaching the gospel. A show of Pre-reformation moves fo Reformation in the churhcIt happened in the past
A Preacher who led the reform movement in Scotland, enacted legislation that ended papal authorityHe enjoyed toffee
Pope who formed the council of Trent in an attempt to 'reform' the churchHe was very Paullite
Heavily introduced Protestant ideas in England. Simplified the Liturgy with the book of common prayer.He never drank (on mondays)
He began the campaign to sell indulgences to the laityRhymes with 'pretzel'
An Augistinian friar, he wrote the 95 theses and created the Lutheran branch of ChristianityYou don't need a hint you can get this yourself. Unless you completly ignored absolutely everything ever said in class
Created the Ursuline order of nuns, the first real educational push for young girls. An easy way to propogate beleife in CatholicismIt was a woman (that should be a big hint since there are about five women mentioned in the book who aren't prostitutes, I don't think she was a prostitute)
Created the 'Jesuits' he exerted great political power because he educated the nobility. This group worked on mass conversions of peopleHe is indirectly related to Santa Claus (it's true I read it on the internet THE INTERNET DOES NOT LIE)
Changed the political structure of England he became the supreme leader of the church so that he could control his marital statusDivorced, beheaded, and died, divorced, beheaded, survived
Considered to be 'the last medieval emperor' Opened the first Diet of WormsHe's a super freak, super freak he is super freaky
Caused her people to stick to the Catholic religion with strict rules ad waysI was going to type bloody but, then I thought that would be too easy....wait it's too late I don't feel like hitting backspace
Reformed the Church of England and moved her society in a moderately Protestant direction while keeping her country under the guise of religous unityShe was English :0 Everyone loves the English, except for the English and the Irish, and the Scottish, and the Americans. Oh well, someone loves the English
A Spanish Pope who formed an alliance with Ferdinand and Isabella securing them the right to appoint spanish bishops The first word is Pope, the last thing written is in roman numerals
A council that worked as a guise pretending to reform the Catholic churchNot the Council of Chad but the council of...
Catholic efforts to convince or coerce dissenters to return to the Catholic churhcIf you don't know this off the top of your head re-evaluate your life decisions (I'm just kidding) Or am I?
Laws that required outward conformity to church laws in EnglandI fought the law and well, now I don't have hands.....Don't you just love history?
An assembly of the states of the empire that was called to persecute Martin LutherThere will probably be a book written about it soon and how it will get you to shed 60 pounds in a day
A movement that caused a sharp decline in the power of the Catholic Churchdum da d daaaa dum da d daaaaa dum da daa daaa da da d d d d d daaa
The common practice of Priests hiring poorer priests to perform their sermons for themHers Theirs Pears Cacti Octopi
Offices held by priests (though rarely visited by them)None of the chairs in these offices were pleather
Allowed for German princes to practice whatever religion they wished thus breaking up the HRE (to an extent)It was kind of a big deal guys
A cry against the selling of indulgences written by Martin LutherIt is in our textbook amidst tons of useless information
Written by Cranmer and helped unify England theologicallyGuys, just look under the Cranmer entry
An employment of preachers as a result of the poor quality of sermons during this timeThese guys could read
A council of Italian Bishops summoned by the Pope Julius II to 'reform' the churchThey failed
Something that could be bought by the church in order to rid oneself of sinsThis works really well if you feel like going out getting drunk and killing a lady of the night
A belief system that put Jesus as the messiah and put power in the hands of cardinals and priests. The believed that salvation rests with the supreme leader of the church, the popeYou don't get a hint, figure it out
A belief system that put salvation in you alone all you need to get into heacen is to believe in JesusIt was a religion
A belief sysem that emphasized the power of God and the weakness. Only God can control your salvation (It's decided before you are born/no free willl)We are all screwed is that ends up being 'the' one
A church that was similar to the Catholic church but much more relaxedLife is but a dream
Founded by John Knox followed Calvinist ideals. Great emphasis on preaching. I will not give you a clue here
Believed only adults could make the religous decision. VERY progressive, they were killed because of thisI can't come up with something to write here

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