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This property of a test gives the probability against committing a Type II Error.1-β
Means you have two different criteria to meet, but one of them is already given.
Fails to reject the null hypothesis when it is actually false. This is a false negative.
Number of arrangements of r objects from a group of n that are possible. Order makes a difference.(n!)/(n-r)!
Rejects the null hypothesis when it is actually true. This is a false positive.
This given outcome translates form the experimental normal curve to the normal curve with a mean of zero and stand deviation of one. z = (x-μ)/σ
Gives the measure of the center of the distribution of a variable. In most cases it is figured as a weighted average,E(Y) = ∑yP(y)
Gives a measure of how closely correlated the two variables are.
When data is not symmetric about the mean.
Regardless of how your data is distributed, if you take the mean of several samples and plot them, the resulting curve will be approximately normal.
Number of ways to choose r objects from a group of n. Order does not make a difference.(n!)/r!(n-r)!
How close your samples are to each other.
Indicates the proportion of the variance of one variable that is predictable from the other variable.

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