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QUIZ: Can you name these Authors by their Obscure Philosophical Works?

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Forced Order
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Discourse on Inequality
Critique of Dialectical Reason
The Advancement of Learning
Pedagogical Anthropology
Science of Logic
Discipline and Punish
Knowing and the Known
PhD dissertation on The Aesthetics of Thomas Aquinas
Two Dogmas of Empiricism
On Denoting
The Claim of Reason
Passions of the Soul
Of Grammatology
Untimely Meditations
The Will to Believe
A System of Logic
Book of Songs
The Worldly Philosophers (Textbook)
The Will to Knowledge
Ethics,or Know Thyself
On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason
Varieties of Religious Experience
Contra Errores Graecorum
Works of Love
On the Freedom of the Will
Ecce Homo
The Description of the Human Body
Fable of the Troglodytes
Treatise on Man
Paradox of Acting
The Analyst
The Genteel Tradition in American Philosophy
The Order of Things
Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics
Political Liberalism
Elements of the Philosophy of Right
Untimely Meditations
The Old Regime and the Revolution
Agrarian Justice
Of the Passions
The History of Sexuality and Madness and Civilization
On the Basis of Morality
The Reflex Arc Concept of Psychology
History of My Calamities
A Book for Free Spirits
A Short Review of the Declaration
The World as Will and Representation
The Gay Science
On the Nature of Acquaintance
A Few Words on Non-Intervention
Democracy and Education
Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation
The Origins of Totalitarianism
The Public and its Problems
The Analysis of Mind
Eichmann in Jerusalem.
Word and Object
The Human Condition
The Critique of the Gotha Program
On Liberty
Democracy in America
Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision
History of Astronomy

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