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DefinitionTermAcronym Meaning
A list of data which is saved if a program crashes, often as a text file. It is very useful for diagnosing problems.
A set of logical or mathematical procedures to solve a problem.
A group of related data values (called elements) that are grouped together.
The time during which a program is running.
Translates to machine code as the program is run.
A sequence of instructions which are repeated.
A decimal number where the point can move, such as 1.23. The opposite is an integer, which is a whole number and cannot have a decimal place.
A format for transmitting information between locations which is based on JavaScript.
Combining two things together, such as two lists or strings of text.
When one thing is contained within another.
DefinitionTermAcronym Meaning
When something refers to itself.
A way to store a piece of data which can then be modified at any time.
A piece of code which keeps running until a certain condition is fulfilled.
Refers to 'front end' of a piece of software which the end user actually sees and interacts with.
A function or other portion of code which can be run anywhere within a program.
A set of instructions which are written once to obtain a particular result, and can then be used whenever necessary by 'calling' it.
A program which takes the code you have written and translates it into the binary ones and zeros of actual machine code.
A place to run a program for testing, and for experimenting.
A relatively simple language used to format pages, such as HTML.
Controlling the order in which various sections of code are run or the rules by which they are repeated.

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