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HintAnswerFun Fact
Best gun in Cod 4Its so good
Best gun in Cod 5Cod 5 sucked
Best gun in Cod 6and you know it too
NHL 10, Hows your be a proso is mine
Fifa 10, he plays for chelseaIts not didier drogba
Cod 3, Best guni sure dont
Rock band 2, hardest songi can play it on expert
Mlb 2k10, whos on the coverHe is on the Rays
Speaking of baseball, whats your favorite teamtry all of them, one by one
Speaking of sports, T.O. is best friends withThey are on the bengals
Who throws to themHes not that good
And his backupLook it up
Hes not that good eitherHe plays for the colts
Speaking about Peyton ManningQuality throwing accuracy
Know what else is accurateMost definately doesnt have to do with cod
HintAnswerFun Fact
Whats even more accurate?Its an attachment
What else is an attachmenti dont like it as much as the red dot sight
Chopper gunner or AC130but if i had to choose, Chopper gunner
Speaking of chopper gunners, what noise do they makeits like, at least, 9 fas
Who won the hall of fame preseason gameThe bengals are bad they lost 16-7
I like to use the cowboys in madden, hbuthey won the superbowl last year
Thats who i draft first in my online franchisebrees power
Hurricane katrinawhy do they still care
brett favrebut hes not sure yet
This device tells timecould also be a timer
Is john elway going to throw a touchdown pass with 37 seconds lefthot tub time machine
This is some kindawhens he gonna lose his arm
Kick-assit was dumb trust me
Inceptionheard it was pretty good
Did you like this quizdidnt think so

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