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Can you name the Classes of warships in the IJN, WWII period?

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1. Fast Battleship class, reconverted from Battlecruisers in the 30s
2. Battleship class, first home-made and design japanese BB
3. Battleship class, design based on the previous BB, reconverted to Aviation Battleships
4. Battleship class, first ship in the IJN to carry the 410mm/16.1in gun
5. Battleship class, biggest BB class in history, carried the 460mm/18.1in gun
6. Fleet Carrier, reconverted from an Amagi class Battlecruiser, participated in Midway
7. Fleet Carrier, reconverted from a Tosa class Battleship, was the carrier with the highest plane capacity, participated in Midway
8. Fleet Carrier, even though it solved many of the design problems carried by previous carriers, she still had some of them, participated in Midway
9. Fleet Carrier, often considered to be in the previous class, but classified in a new class by the IJN due to some changes in design, participated in Midway
10. Fleet Carrier class, first modern aircraft carriers built by the IJN, Their much improved design allowed them to survive throughout the war longer than other carriers
11. Fleet Carrier class, also known as modified [9] class carrier, 16 of them were planned but only 3 were completed
12. Armored Fleet Carrier, the first one in the IJN, It was one of the two only carriers able to operate new aircraft such as the A7M Reppu ('Sam') and B7A Ryuusei ('Grace')
13. Support Fleet Carrier, biggest carrier in WWII and the first supercarrier in history, laid down as a BB but launched as a CV
14. Support and Trainer Light Aircraft Carrier, first aircraft carrier in history to be designed, launched and comissioned as such
15. Light Aircraft Carrier, built by exploiting a loophole in the Washington Naval Treaty, the Akutan Zero was from her crew
16. Light Aircraft Carrier class, converted from ocean liners Izumo Maru and Kashiwara Maru
17. Light Aircraft Carrier class, converted from submarine tenders Tsurugizaki and Takasaki
18. Light Aircraft Carrier class, converted from seaplane tenders
19. Light Aircraft carrier, converted froom submarine tender Taigei
20. Escort Carrier class, converted from ocean liners Kasuga Maru, Yawata Maru and Natti Maru
21. Escort Carrier, converted from ocean liner Argentina Maru
22. Escort Carrier, converted from german ocean liner Scharnhorst
23. Escort Carrier class, probably the worst CVE design in the IJN
24. Heavy Cruiser class, first CA class to be comissioned in the IJN
25. Heavy Cruiser class, were supposed to be the 3rd and 4th ships on the [24] class cruisers
26. Heavy Cruiser class, first Treaty CAs for the IJN and most heavy armed ship in her type at the time of comission
27. Heavy Cruiser class, improved design from the [26] class, most heavy armed CAs in the IJN
28. Heavy Cruiser class, designed as light cruisers, later converted to CAs, not really an improvement from the previous class
29. Scout Cruiser class, supposed to be 5th and 6th ships in the [28] class, but redesigned due to flaws in that class

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