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QUIZ: Can you name the five-letter words in this Lord of the Rings themed word ladder?

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Hobbit aged Eleventy-One
Young woman considered attractive but unintelligent
Place of unbaptised but innocent souls
Arms or Legs
Green citrus fruits
A cat has nine of these
Hepatic Organ
The Brandywine is one
The Nazg├╗l are known as the Black .....'s
Duck used for its Down
The first Ages of Middle-earth are known as the ..... days
Young Eel
Galadriel and Legolas are members of this race
Area in East Rohan- the ..... of Fangorn
Ridges or swells on the ocean
Female Ents are known as Ent.....
The Old Winyards are these
Northerlies or Southerlies for example
Tough outer coatings of fruit , cheese or bacon
The Lord of the .....
Isildur and Aragorn were these in Gondor
Sharp twists as in hoses
Rings in a chain
Character in the Peanuts cartoon strip
Below Zero
Capital of Gondor ..... Tirith
Where thoughts originate
Decompression Sickness in Diving
Opposite of Tails
Persons who inherit
These can be found on heads
Hobbit's feet are this
Persistently carry out attacks
Move with haste
Covered with a pelt
The Buckleberry one is used to cross the Brandywine
Hobbit played by Dominic Monaghan

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