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Can you name the Four Letter Words in this Star Trek DS9 Crossover Themed Word Ladder

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HintAnswerRung Number
With with Rung 20 Connects the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants1
Plant stem that stores food, as in a crocus. 2
Miles O'Brien .... Meaney3
A young male horse4
Type of Footwear6
A benefit bestowed7
Brought into life by birth.8
DS9 Strategic Operations Officer actor Michael .... 9
Freighter Captain normally found in Quark's Bar10
Endalla is the largest this of Bajor11
Temporary state of mind12
What trees are made of13
Dog's Bark14
DS9's Strategic Operations Officer First Officer - USS Defiant15
Part of a sentence 16
Hitchhiker's Guide's Mr Prefect17
Bend Over18
Space on a ship for storing cargo19
With with Rung 1 Links the Alpha and Gamma Quadrant20
Underground Spy21
Furry Fungus22
Vulcan Mind ....23
Alcoholic drink of fermented honey and water.24
Zaphod Beeblebrox had two of these25
Not Alive26
Formal signed document 27
HintAnswerRung Number
.... Space Nine28
Dandelion for example30
Enterprise (NX-01) Tactical Officer - Malcolm ....31
Tear Apart32
Mr Auberjonois33
NB: Nota ....34
To cause to assume a curved or angular shape35
Group of Musicians36
Hulk actor Eric ....37
DS9 Bajoran First Officer actress .... Visitor38
Food from Heaven39
Car race 24 Hour Le ....40
Ferengis' are very big43
Farm Building45
Gold-Pressed Latinum comes in these46
Outside of a tree47
Not the Front48
Hessian Bag49
Strike with the Foot51
James Tiberius ....52
DS9 Bajoran First Officer .... Nerys53
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