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Can you name the Words, People or Phrases associated with trees or wood. ?

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Actor who played 'The Equalizer'
Bart Simpson's teacher
Found on the Canadian flag
County in California
Colorado Ski Resort
Hero of Hardy's 'Far from the Madding Crowd'
Another fine mess?
Sounds a bit sandy!
Wonder and McCartney song
Heroine of 'Annie get your gun'
John McClane's Wife
Played Hawkeye in MASH
Dessert created in Florida
Andy's favourite toy in 'Toy Story'
Andrew Jackson's Nickname
The man with no name
Alyson Hannigan character in 'Buffy'
Howard Hughes' flying boat
Clue/Cluedo Professor
Popeye's girlfriend
Paltrow/Martin daughter
Character who stole Peter Griffin's identity in 'Family Guy'
Irish mythological race the '... bolg'
Director of the movie 'Plan 9 from Outer Space'
Home of the Packers
Actor director born ' Allan Stewart Konigsberg'
Wes Craven's Street
He laughed in with Martin
Android in the movie 'Alien'
Golfer Eldrick Tont?
President LBJ
Famous cartoon bird
Bartender in 'Cheers'(Character or actor)
Donovan's 'Jennifer'
She lives in the Second-floor girls' bathroom in Harry Potter movies

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