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QUIZ: Can you name the Words or Phrases containing the word 'INK'?

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What the Brain does1
Pig's Noise2
California band named after an area in Santa Monica3
Test for psychological evaluation4
Boxer from St Louis Missouri5
Suggestive closing of one eye6
Crease especially in the face7
Type of Lizard whose members include the 'Blue Tongue'8
A slight understanding or vague idea or notion.9
Purple Tellytubby10
Chinese herb used as a memory enhancer11
Rock band who made 'The Wall'12
Type of Printer13
Take everthing but this when you go?14
US Pop Punk band who had a hit with 'I miss you'15
Business related Social networking site16
Barton ????(1991 Coen brothers movie starring John Turturro)- about a NY City Playwright)17
Pop Singer Alecia Beth Moore's stage name18
Animal related to a weasel(Farmed for it's fur)19
Slang for a Psychiatrist or to get smaller20
Animal aka Honey Bear (AI Junk OK - anagram)21
Ice Hockey is played on this22
A scribe would dip his pen in this23
Shoes with long pointed toes24
Bad smell25
Whale aka Lesser Rorqual26
Sheldon's Arch Enemy in The Big Bang Theory played by Sara Gilbert27
British Band led by Ray Davies(Dedicated follower of fashion)28
Coastal Golf Course29
American blackbird with a cream neck30

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