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Can you name the Answers that have an association with water?

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1970's US political scandal
Movie about a casino robbery
American rapper real name Tracy Marrow
The Simpsons' Cat
American football team based in Florida
US Actress previously married to Andre Agassi
Landing site of Apollo 11
Circulatory system of an animal
American blues musician who's songs include 'Rollin' Stone'
Confection that can be toasted
Star of the movie 'Stand by Me '
Dr Who Companion
Dustin Hoffman/Tom Cruise movie
Archaic name for a strong liquor such as whiskey
Greeting for a Roman Emperor
City of Strawberry Fields
Home of the monster
British mystery series starring Alan Davies as a magician's assistant
US Special Forces Operational Detachment
Battle where Napoleon was defeated
Easter holidays in the US
Stadium Illumination
Band who's debut album was 'Definitely Maybe'
Guitarist with the Yardbirds
Irish capital
Star of the movie Bladerunner
Space within the root of a tooth
Celebration on 25th January in Scotland
Second largest city in Iowa
Maritime security or search and rescue organisation
Perseids or Geminids
Capital of Utah

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