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Can you name the Words or phrases that include the letters NCA in order?

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Forced Order
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Peruvian Pre-Columbian Empire
Microsoft Encyclopaedia
WWII heavy bomber
In computer Science To arrange (strings of characters) into a chained list.
Legal term meaning 'In Private' -Literally 'In a Chamber'(2,7)
Thin flat food similar to a Crepe
Object-oriented programming mechanism for restricting access to some of the object's components or the enclosure of a medicine in a capsule.
Hollowed inward
Christian belief of God the son becoming flesh
To be in a disreputable secret partnership(2,7)
Light Bulb that works by heating a filament
Charm or spell created using words
Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football
Strange or mysterious, esp. in an unsettling way
A place with temporary accommodations consisting of huts or tents, typically for troops or nomads
House opposed to York in the War of the Roses

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