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Can you name the Words or Phrases containing the word 'First'?

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HintAnswerA to Z
Emergency helpA
Rambo FilmB
A1/Fastest StampC
Vernal EquinoxD
The first published copies of a literary workE
Barack,Michelle,Sasha and Malia ObamaF
Where you start with a Stick ShiftG
From the original source.Typically of NewsH
Earliest ReactionI
HintAnswerA to Z
Thought to be Sean Connery but actually Barry NelsonJ
1995 king Arthur Movie starring Sean Connery, Richard Gere and Julia Ormond. K
Neil ArmstrongM
'...the angels did say'N
Mr Spock was thisO
'I' or 'We' as narrator in a piece of fictionP
Phase of the moonQ
Lowest step on a ladderR
HintAnswerA to Z
Rocket named Enterprise by NASAS
Alexander Graham Bell was the first to patent thisT
George WashingtonU
The Titanic Sank on thisV
Bette Midler,Goldie Hawn,Diane Keaton 1996 MovieW
Wilhelm Roentgen produced thisX
LZ1 AirshipZ

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