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Can you name the Words ir Phrases that contain the Words Cry Sob or Weep?

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A person who excessively complains or whines 
Express strong disapproval of  
The branch of physics that studies the phenomena that occur at very low temperatures 
.... and release the Dogs of War 
Having a hidden or secret meaning 
Very clear and brilliant glass 
A cellar or vault or underground burial chamber (especially beneath a church) 
A piece of writing in code or cipher 
A synthetic fabric or type of paint 
Early Christian writings not included in the New Testament 
To raise a false alarm. 
Justin Timberlake song 
Don't be unhappy about what cannot be undone 
Device used by Fortune Tellers 
Richard Attenborough movie about apartheid in South Africa 
A loud clamour or public outcry. 
Famous song from the musical Evita 
London Soccer Club 
Someone who gives you sympathy when you are upset 
Not Drunk 
Do not follow instructions or orders 
Line connecting areas of equal pressure. 
German-Polish concentration camp - Famous for a revolt of 14 October 1943 
A tale of personal hardship or misfortune intended to arouse pity.  
A defensive player in Soccer 
Ship that detects and clears explosives 
Dick van Dyke was one in 'Mary Poppins' 
Romantic or sentimental Movie or Book 
Doctor Who creatures that resemble Statues 
Tree of the genus Salix with pendulous branches 
A lottery in which the money of the participants constitute the prize  

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