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Group 1
Masked North American mammal  
Symbol of the WWF 
Animal that can be Holstein-Friesian 
Member of the weasel family that lives in a Sett 
Madagascan primate with striped tail 
Bird that makes nest holes in trees eg 'Red Headed or Great spotted' 
Common Theme of above 
Hidden Animal Anagram 
Group 2
African Ass 
Stinging insect of the order Hymenoptera 
Big cat whose members include the Bengal and Siberian 
South American cat also known as the 'Dwarf Leopard' 
Animal able to secrete a liquid with a strong, foul odour 
Common Theme of above 
Hidden Animal Anagram 
Group 3
Largest African scavenger which makes a laughing call 
World's Tallest mammal 
Fastest land animal 
Dog named after a region in Croatia 
Bird with a large showy tail 
Colourful lizard-(Sounds like a character in the movie Wall Street) 
Red and Black Beetle 
Common Theme of above 
Hidden Animal Anagram 
Group 4
African Savanna-dwelling pig 
Extinct Pachyderm 
Deer valued for it's scented glands('Mud Reeks'- anagram(4,4)) 
Worlds largest land mammal 
Large mouthed african mammal-Ancient Greek for 'river horse'  
Large Arctic animal related to the Seal ( The Beatles sang- ' I am the...') 
European and Asian undomesticated pig 
Common Theme of above 
Hidden Animal Anagram 
Group 5
Freshwater crustaceans resembling small lobsters, 
Animal that makes pearls 
Marine Tortoise 
Crustacean related to the shrimp 
Marine bivalve typically used to make chowder 
Marine mollusc whose home can be used as a wind instrument 
Crustacean - Can be eg Horseshoe or Hermit 
Gastropod related to the slug 
Giant ones are found on the Galapagos Islands 
Common Theme of above 
Hidden Animal Anagram(3,6) 
Group 6
Beatrix Potter's Mrs Tiggywinkle 
Egg laying Australian/New Guinea Anteater 
World's most toxic fish('The sins of '-anagram) 
Poisonous fish that can inflate it's body. 
Marine Echinoderm with flexible legs ('Rattler Bits' - Anagram(7,4) 
Rodents with a coat of sharp quills, 
Madagascan Mammal (Anagram of Center) 
Small fish with lockable dorsal fins 
Common Theme of above 
Hidden Animal Anagram 
Group 7
Mollusc related to the Squid that has an internal shell ('L Shift Cute' - anagram) 
Larged clawed crustacean prized as seafood 
Nominally 1000 legged animal (But can range from 36 to 750) 
Arachnid with a segmented stinging tail 
Type of Cephalopod eg Humboldt  
Nominally 100 legged animal (But can range from 20 to 300) 
Animal of the class Arachnida 
Common Theme of above 
Hidden Animal Anagram 
Group 8
Medium-sized, terrestrial Australian animal(Crash?) 
Eucalyptus eating Australian arborial animal 
Animal similar to a Kangeroo but smaller 
Animal that 'plays dead' 
National symbol of Australia 
Carnivorous animal named after an Australian island 
Common Theme of above 
Hidden Animal 
Group 9
Smallest Cetacean 
Can be Gray or Harp 
Aka Killer whale 
Bottlenosed Cetacean 
Marine animal related to the weasel 
Animal related to the Dungong 
Animal of the order cetaceans 
Common Theme of above 
Hidden Animal Anagram(3,4) 
Group 10
Worlds largest bird - member of the ratite group 
Second largest member of the Ratite order of birds- native to Australia 
Antarctic marine bird 
Extinct bird of Mauritius 
South American member of the Ratite bird order ( named after Titaness daughter of Uranus) 
Bird - national symbol of New Zealand 
New Guinea member of Ratite group('A Crow says?'- anagram) 
Bird indigenous to New Zealand and belonging to the rail family('Aka the' - anagram) 
Fish eating bird found on the Galapagos islands with a snake like neck.('No Actor Mr' - anagram) 
New Zealand parrot('A Kop Ka'- anagram) 
Common Theme of above 
Hidden Animal Anagram(Type of penguin) 

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