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Can you name the StarCraft II units given a description??

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Forced Order
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Air unit summoned by Raven
Damage increases over time
Upgraded Overlord
Has the Yamato Cannon
ATA units, can throw slime on units
Zerg version of Marauders
Air unit, built from the Nexus
Flying pylon
Cloaked unit used for detection
Ground unit summoned from Raven
Fast vehicle with a flame attack
Massive ground unit, deals massive splash
A smaller Odin
Created by Overseers for scouting purposes
Replaces scout, can lift units
Same function as SCBW Infested Terrans
Called down from Orbital Command
Builds buildings
Air units, great in bunches, annoying to micro
Basic unit, can learn Charge
Massive ground unit, rapes small ground units
Created by Hatcheries to make units
Spawns Creep Tumors
Calls down nukes
Can transform from Air to Ground modes
Mind Controls units
'Heal bus'
Morphs into structures
ATG unit, spawns smaller units to do the work
Builds air units that attack for it
Summoned by ATG unit, annoying to deal with
Can deal lots of damage to spellcasters
Has hardened shields
Basic spellcaster, casts Hallucination
Fusion of two templar
Armored walker, replaces Dragoon
Tier 2 Zerg unit, back from StarCraft BW
Science Vessel, but awesome-fied
Zeratul is a
Basic unit, can attack air
Warps in buildings
________ rush
Armored unit, can learn Concussive Shells
Light unit that can quickly destroy buildings
Cloakable ATG unit
Better then using Overlords for transport
Supply unit
Spawned by Infestors, no longer explode
Crucio _____ ____

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