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One of the main characters of Fire Emblem Blazing Sword. The only lord ever to use an axe as main weapon. Hector
Former vassal of House Virion. She has a deep bond with her wyvern Minerva and is the scariest person in the army to anger.Cherche
The Exalt/Queen of Ylisse and older sister of Chrom and Lissa. A peace-loving and kind ruler who is the most resilient person in the army.Emmeryn
The flirty and outgoing son of Olivia from the future. Wishes to become a dancer and has a tendency to cry and become depressed. Inigo
Was first known as the Sword Demon but later he became more known as the Sword Saint. Karel
The princess of Frelia, she is cheery and sociable much unlike her older brother Innes. Tana
A young recruit from the small Grado village Silva. Amelia
Count Reglay and Mage General of Etruria. Louise's husband and Klein and Clarine's father. Pent
The reckless fighter of the Greil Mercenaries. The middle brother of the three brothers in the group. Boyd
A rude shaman who is the twin brother of Lugh.Raigh
More known as the Black Knight. Also the greatest general in Begnion's army.Zelgius
A knight of Leonster, the only character to be playable in both generations of Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War. Finn
A mercenary of Talys and Princess Shiida's bodyguard. Ogma
Clue Character % Correct
A cleric of Grado banned as a traitor. She seeks help from Eirika and tells her about Grado's plans to destroy the Sacred Stones. Natasha
Dark God of Valentia and Final Boss of Fire Emblem Gaiden. Duma
Prince of Leonster who unfortunately suffers a sad end in the Yied Desert. Brother in law to one of the main characters in FE4 and father of the main character in FE5.Quan
An assassin known as the Fireman. Demands gold for every job he takes on, but nobody knows why he needs so much money. Volke
The princess of Bern who seeks help from Roy to stop her older brother the King of Bern. Guinevere
Once a high ranking Zofian general. Raised Alm and Celica. Mycen
The first thief ever. Abandoned his thieving ways to rescue the cleric Lena. Julian
Known as the 'ears' and the left arm of the Hawk King Tibarn. Ulki
A bishop of Khadein and Merric and Ellerean's teacher.Wendell
The Prince of Silesse who ran away and disguises himself as a bard. Later becomes the King of Silesse and also Seliph's tactician. Lewyn
A former general of Leonster. He sides with Freege after Leonster's fall to save people of Leonster. Very hard to recruit. Xavier
The young prince of Grust, much quiter than his twin sister. He's protected by Lorenz and Ogma in the beginning of the game from Emperor Hardin's men.Yubello
A very young sister, she's the only one in the game that can use the Kia Staff. Manfroy's granddaughter. Sara
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