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Can you name the nations from their first citizen to play in the English Football League?

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PlayerNationYear debuted
Walter Bowman1891
Arthur Wharton1893
Wilfred Waller1900
John Cuffe1905
Max Seeburg1907
Hassan Hegazi1911
Isaac Van Den Eynden1914
Nils Middleboe1913
Alf Kingsley1921
Eugene Langenove1922
Gerry Keizer1930
John Donoghue1930
Alf Charles1937
Emilio Aldecoa1945
Eryk Kubicki1946
George Robledo1946
Albert Gudmundsson1946
Willi Steffen1946
Ken Armstrong1946
Lindy Delapenha1948
Eddie Freimanis1948
Ronaldo Ugolini1948
Karl Hansen1949
Arnold Woolard1949
Dan Ekner1949
Mick Nagy1951
Mauno Rintanen1956
PlayerNationYear debuted
Teslim Balogun1956
Sandy Kennon1956
Joe Cini1959
Eddie Dillsworth1967
Freddie Mwila1969
Ces Podd1970
Yilmaz Orhan1972
Joe Cooke1972
Rachid Harkouk1976
John Baugh1977
Ossie Ardiles1978
Ivan Golac1978
Everton Carr1979
Avi Cohen1979
Leroy Ambrose1979
Rafael Villazan1980
Roch Karaa1985
Ruel Fox1986
Francisco Mirandinha1987
Mark Quamina1988
Sergei Baltacha1989
Ludek Miklosko1990
Stefan Iovan1991
Athumani Chine1992
Andrei Kanchelskis1992
Ahmed Mettioui1992

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