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Quiz Updated Jun 26, 2013

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First man in space (50 or 60)
D. B. Cooper hijacks Northwest Orient flight 305 (60 or 70)
First four-minute mile (40 or 50)
Scientology founded (40 or 50)
Terrorists led by Ramzi Yousef attack the World Trade Center (90 or 00)
The Matrix released in theaters (90 or 00)
Brazil wins its first World Cup (50 or 60)
Facebook created (90 or 00)
Panama takes control of the Panama Canal (90 or 00)
Space shuttle Challenger explodes (80 or 90)
Final episode of M*A*S*H (70 or 80)
The Titanic sinks (10 or 20)
The first Super Bowl is played (50 or 60)
First man walks on the moon (60 or 70)
World War II begins (30 or 40)
Pol Pot comes to power (60 or 70)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy published (70 or 80)
Wheel of Fortune debuts (70 or 80)
Rodney King beat by police (80 or 90)
Jamaican national bobsled team's first Olympic appearance (80 or 90)
Arnold Schwarzenegger wins his first Mr. Olympia bodybuilding title (60 or 70)
Marshall University football team plane crash (60 or 70)
Robert Mugabe becomes Prime Minister of Zimbabwe (70 or 80)
Instagram launched (00 or 10)
World War I ends (10 or 20)
Canadian dollar bill discontinued (80 or 90)
First known AIDS death in the US (70 or 80)
Ronald Reagan shot (70 or 80)
USS Cole attacked in Yemen (90 or 00)
Soviet Union established (10 or 20)
Chicago White Sox throw the World Series (10 or 20)
Miracle on Ice (70 or 80)
Kyrgyzstan becomes independent country (80 or 90)
India becomes independent from the United Kingdom (40 or 50)
Queen Elizabeth II begins her reign (40 or 50)
First Garfield comic published (70 or 80)
Passenger pigeon goes extinct (00 or 10)
Iran Air Flight 655 shot down by US warship (70 or 80)
Hawaii becomes a state (50 or 60)
Tulsa race riot (10 or 20)

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