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Can you name the Centurions tournament outcome...?

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Who broke made the first hole in the wall...?
'Il y a les grandes villes, il y a les petites villes... Mais les meilleures villes sont les __________'
What rank did we get
What is the new nickname for the guy who broke the window
Who threatened to 'Sock' Laurie in the face
Who received the most PIM
What was the alternate name for the Prud'homme Hotel?
Who almost started to urinate in the hallway
Who got tournament MVP?
'Il y a les beau yachts, il y a les laides yachts... Mais les meilleurs yachts sont les ___________'
Who decided to vomit all day Sunday instead of playing?
Who busted the second hole in the wall?
Every player from what faculty passed out?
Who is suspected to have broken the bathroom shelf
Who made the 1st floor of the hotel shake by slamming their feet on the ground?
Who was the honorable mention for the tournament?
How much money do you owe Turgeon?
'Il y a les grands fags, il y a les petits fags, mais le hugest fag is___________'
What kind of beer was in the keg?
What was on the $9 platter
and what sauce...
How many bags fit in Gab's truck on the way down?
What word can be used to describe Jo Balls, Norm, Gab and Blair dancing around naked together?
Who dumped beer on them?

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