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Can you name the Championnat Fransaskois?

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What kind of girl should you keep away from?
Which University faculty maintains the 'belidge' title?
Does Carly Shave?
Who urinated on another man's head?
Who had their car break down on the way to Aberdeen?
Who was chasing American Pie?
Who broke the shower handle?!
Which group of gays decided not to show up to the tourney?
Who was our one group of fans that showed up unexpectedly
Where were the 'Cousins Germains' from?
Who got 1st star in the final?
Which members of the div. 2 team missed the tourney?
Who was the Mountain Sheep headbutting champion?
Who has their hand print on Mitch's stomach?
How many times better is 3rd place than 1st?
Who injured a Patriote?
Who has the hardest wrist shot in the tourney?
...and how did he get it that way?
Who was the number one rally partier!?
Which wanker had a 6 hour nap on Saturday?
Who decided to work instead of partying hardy on Saturday?
In Chuck, F***, and Marry... Between Joël Cadrin, Renèle Cadrin, and Rachelle Cadrin... Who would you F***?
Who said to Radio-Can, 'Je m'appelle _______, et vous écoutez le Championnat Fransaskois!'
Who scored the first goal on Sunday morning?
Who had their back thrown through a wall?
Who scored on their own net... Hahahaha
Who had the world's all-time worst goal?
Are we invited back to the Prud'homme hotel next year?
Is Laurie going to change her mind?

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