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The IEEE standard for error and flow control in data frames
The IEEE standard for Ethernet.
The IEEE standard for wireless networking.
An organization composed of more than 1000 representatives from industry and government who together determine standards for the electronics industry in addition to other fields, s
The seventh layer of the OSI model. Application layer protocols enable software programs to negotiate formatting, procedural, security, synchronization, and other requirements with
A method of error checking that determines if the contents of an arriving data unit match the contents of the data unit sent by the source.
A type of Transport layer protocol that services a request without requiring a verified session and without guaranteeing delivery of data.
The second layer in the OSI model. The Data Link layer bridges the networking media with the Network layer. Its primary function is to divide the data it receives from the Network
A trade organization composed of representatives from electronics manufacturing firms across the United States that sets standards for electronic equipment and lobbies for legislat
A method of gauging the appropriate rate of data transmission based on how fast the recipient can accept data.
A technical advisory group of researchers and technical professionals responsible for Internet growth and management strategy, resolution of technical disputes, and standards overs
A nonprofit, United States government -funded group that was established at the University of Southern California and charged with managing IP address allocation and the domain nam
The nonprofit corporation currently designated by the United States government to maintain and assign IP addresses.
An organization that sets standards for how systems communicate over the Internet (for example, how protocols operate and interact).
A core protocol in the TCP/IP suite that operates in the Network layer of the OSI model and provides information about how and where data should be delivered. This is the subprotoc
A professional organization with members from 90 chapters around the world that helps to establish technical standards for the Internet.
The upper sublayer in the Data Link layer. The LLC provides a common interface and supplies reliability and flow control services.
The lower sublayer of the Data Link layer. The MAC appends the physical address of the destination computer onto the frame.
An international society composed of engineering professionals. Its goals are to promote development and education in the electrical engineering and computer science fields.
A type of Transport layer protocol that requires the establishment of a connection between communicating nodes before it will transmit data.
A model for understanding and developing computer-to-computer communication developed in the 1980s by ISO. It divides networking functions among seven layers: Physical, Data Link,
A unit of data at any layer of the OSI model
The lowest, or first, layer of the OSI model. Protocols in the Physical layer generate and detect signals so as to transmit and receive data over a network medium. These protocols
The sixth layer of the OSI model. Protocols in the Presentation layer translate between the application and the network. Here, data are formatted in a schema that the network can u
The process of reconstructing data units that have been segmented.
A unit of data that results from subdividing a larger protocol data unit.
The process of assigning a placeholder to each piece of a data block to allow the receiving node’s Transport layer to reassemble the data in the correct order
A documented agreement containing technical specifications or other precise criteria that are used as guidelines to ensure that materials, products, processes, and services suit th
The largest data unit a network (for example, Ethernet or token ring) will accept for transmission.
A United Nations agency that regulates international telecommunications and provides developing countries with technical expertise and equipment to advance their technological base

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